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McKevett Quotes - Fan Favorites

“Once in a while, a body's gotta use
their God-given wiles and cunning
when they're fightin'
on the side of the angels.”

“A secret is something a body tells to one person at a time.”

“Some family we’re born with. Some our hearts
adopt along the way.
But they’re all precious.
Every one of them.”

“Creating fantasy is real work,
important work.
It’s a hard, cold world
we live in, and sometimes
we need to escape.
Sometimes we need that
more than food or water
or a roof over our heads.”

“There's very little in my world
that a foot massage and a thin-crust,
everything-on-it pizza won't set right.”

“Life is like a rose.
A few thorns don’t make
it any less beautiful.”

“Sometimes love is sacred,
the most holy and powerful
force in the universe.
Sometimes it's a
warm, fuzzy feeling.
Occasionally it's a wildfire of
passion that inflames
every cell of your body.
And sometimes it's just a decision, plain and simple.”

“If I was married to a guy like that, chances are good he’d wind up being a suspicious
smell in the attic."

“And as far as wishing goes,
I save my wishes for things
that can still come true.
There’s no point in
wasting them on the past.”

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