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The Savannah Reid Mysteries


When Detective Sergeant Savannah Reid is directed to investigate the murder of a city councilwoman's husband, she assumes the "brass" wants her to solve the case. ​But the closer she gets to the murderer, the more she realizes - to nail this killer she'll have to pay a heavy, personal price. Maybe even her badge.


​No longer a cop, P. I. Savannah is thrilled to have her first case.
But the seemingly easy task of finding a missing person goes horribly wrong, and Savannah realizes she’s led a predator straight to his prey.
2 BS Frt 7-12-22.png


The owner of a health spa is found dead in one of her own mud baths, and an anonymous client hires Savannah to go undercover and investigate.
If the zero calorie, zero flavor food, and rigorous, early morning calisthenics don’t kill Savannah, the murderer lurking in the shadows just might.
3 Killer Calories.png


Hired to protect a mall’s clientele from​ a serial rapist dressed as Santa, Savannah kicks the “ornaments” of a less-than-jolly ol’ elf, only to discover he’s the real mall Santa.
Then things take a darker turn; a cop is murdered and the hated Captain Bloss, who fired Savannah, asks her to safeguard his bratty, teenage daughter—​the rapist’s latest target.
4 CG 7-11.jpg


Dirk’s former wife is murdered in his trailer, and the SCPD brass is all too eager to pin it on their least popular detective. To rescue their friend, Savannah and the Moonlight Magnolia team explore the mysterious world of the local Renaissance Faire, searching for a killer with a fondness for ancient weapons.
5 SS Fnt 7-12-22.png


What could be easier than guarding rhinestone bedazzled teenagers at a beauty contest? Almost anything, Savannah discovers, when the pageant’s snarkiest contestant is murdered and another participant is Savannah’s youngest sister, whom she discovers has an eating disorder.
6 SG Frt 7-12-22.png


Savannah isn’t jazzed about going home to Georgia for sister Marietta’s third wedding.
But wearing a poufy, orange bridesmaid dress becomes the least of her concerns when brother Macon Jr. is arrested for murder. And even Savannah thinks he did it.
7 PS Frt 7-12-22.png
Savannah is delighted to provide security for Gourmet Network star, Lady Eleanor, Queen of Chocolate. But she’s deeply disappointed to discover that her idol is nasty and, heaven forbid, stingy with her chocolate.
Worse, she drops dead on Savannah’s watch.
8 DC Frt 7-12-22.png



​When a famous, plus-size model dies under suspicious circumstances, Savannah is sad and curious.
A second model meets an untimely end, and Savannah vows to secure justice for her sonsie sisters.
9 CK E 8-4-22.png


For her birthday, Savannah receives the opportunity to be on the reality show, Man of My Dreams, live in a “castle,” and compete for the affections of Lance Roman, romance novel cover model.
The fun turns sinister when the producer is murdered with a tub of Killer Fudge ice cream.
10 MalM 8-5-22.png


As Savannah attempts to locate a plastic surgeon, missing from a luxury spa that specializes in extreme makeovers, one of her main suspects is murdered.
​Her investigation uncovers a disturbing fact: Some of the individuals running the “temple of perfection” have deadly flaws.
11 SS E 8-26-22.png


Everybody loves a comeback, and after losing a ton of weight, actress Dona Papalardo is ready to launch hers. But when her assistant is murdered in Dona’s driveway, wearing Dona’s fur coat, the actress hires Savannah and company to guard her. Unfortunately, the killing has only begun.
12 FFF E 8-5-22.png


A teenage girl disappears after hanging out with three celebutantes who love to torment her. Savannah searches for her, hoping it’s another of their vicious pranks. But at a Halloween party, one of the girls’ fathers ends up in a fake coffin, a real stake in his heart, and Savannah fears the worst.
13 PT E 8-5-22.png


A combination dominatrix/ drill sergeant, fitness diva rises to the top of her profession by losing a lot of weight with her extreme exercise regime.
When her husband is murdered, Savannah investigates. And the Moonlight Magnolia team finds more than one odious secret amid the family’s dirty workout laundry.
14 BTDF 8-26 - 22.png


When a diet guru’s wife is pushed from their cliff-top mansion to the beach below, the Moonlight Magnolia gang helps Dirk investigate, Savannah notices Dirk is spending a lot of time at the gym and turning down free food. Very un-Dirkish. What’s with that? A special new woman? The thought drives Savannah crazy . . . much to her surprise.​
15 WC Frt 7-12-22.png


An elderly doll designer has a near fatal accident and believes someone intended to kill her. Then two homicides occur on her estate. As Savannah searches for the killer, Savannah realizes that danger lurks far closer to home. Someone she loves is in serious trouble, and Savannah risks everything to save them.
16 Decadent Way to Die.png
Organizing a wedding is always a challenge. But when Savannah’s wedding planner is found, facedown in a pool at their venue, the bride and groom put their matrimonial plans on hold to solve her murder.
17 Buried in Buttercream.png

buried in

In the middle of the newlyweds’ island honeymoon, Savannah and Dirk find themselves investigating the murder of a popular Los Angeles news anchor woman, much to the chagrin of local authorities.
​If they aren’t careful, they’ll spend their first nights of marital bliss behind bars.
18 Killer Honeymoon.png



As the Moonlight Magnolia Agency explores the suspicious death of a movie star, known for his “perfect” muscular build, Savannah explores the dark world of physique enhancing drugs. She discovers women aren’t the only ones plagued with body acceptance issues. 
19 Killer Physique.png


Ryan and John create a chic, new restaurant, but opening night is marred by an unfortunate happenstance. Their temperamental chef is murdered with his own meat cleaver...right in the kitchen, while the guests wait for their dinners.
20 Killer Gourmet.jpg


With a handsome husband on her arm, Savannah Reid is ready for a triumphant return to her Georgia roots. But her old nemesis, Jeanette Parker, shows she hasn’t changed her "Mean Girl" routine one bit.  And when Jeanette’s body is found in a swamp, nearly everyone in the tiny, rural town is ready to pin the murder on Savannah.
21 Killer Reunion


Having received death threats, a mystery author hires Savannah’s team to protect her on an Alaskan cruise, all expenses paid.
Since sailing to the Land of the Midnight Sun is on Savannah’s bucket list, she jumps at the chance. But if she isn’t careful, she might end up kicking that bucket for real.
22 EBoD 7-12-22.jpg

HIDE and

An acclaimed actor hires Savannah to find his missing wife, son, and the boy's nanny. Having suffered from paparazzi scrutiny before, he wants to keep the disappearances secret. ​His wife may have simply left in a huff after their last squabble. But hopes plummet when disturbing evidence is found in a local park.


Savannah is shaken when coroner Dr. Jennifer Liu admits she falsified an autopsy report to keep her friend’s suicide a secret and to fulfill a promise made before the terminally ill woman consumed a lethal drug cocktail. But later, having found the same deadly drink in a second body, Dr. Liu fears the deaths share a dark connection.
24 BB 7-12-22.jpg


Former silver-screen siren, Lucinda Faraday, is found murdered inside her derelict mansion. Once considered the most beautiful woman in show business, the fallen star was strangled with a pair of vintage stockings and left in a hoard of garbage mixed with priceless memorabilia — evidence of a life spent in both glamor and squalor.
25 ATKI 7-12-22.png


Neither Savannah Reid nor the other members of her Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency shy away from high-profile cases. But when an upscale party ends with murder, they discover that drawing clues from the famous, tight-lipped guests is trickier than squeezing into a new pair of jeans.
26 FDB 7-12-22.jpg
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